Campaign Videos & Emails

Videos and email archives from the Zeb! 2016 campaign

Zeb! 2016 Campaign Videos & Emails

The videos below are part of a satirical presidential campaign to make America lovable again. The videos feature Charlie's dog, Zebby (Zeb!). You can sign up for Zeb's (funny) campaign emails at

"Zeb Gets Animated" Spot

We began Campaign 2016 with so many choices. Now we're down to just two. Or are we? Zeb makes a case for his third-party ticket.


"Wildlife Conservation" Spot

Our wildlife is a national treasure. Support a candidate who protects it. And sometimes chases it.

"I'm With Zeb!" Spot

The Zeb! 2016 campaign has supporters all over the nation. Dogue magazine, PBS NewsHound and FIDO NATION have all said "I'm with Zeb!" Are you?

"Hungry to Serve" Spot

Join the campaign that's keeping America great (and cuddly).

Zeb! 2016 Campaign Email Archive