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Short Story Excerpt From 'Nothing Will Be Impossible'

Justin still wore the James Blake tour t-shirt and linen cargo shorts he'd put on more than 24 hours before. Dark synth soundscapes and buzzing guitars washed over him while his old Honda Pilot bounced along a back road. Z, as he sometimes called the dog, sat on the passenger seat beside him, keeping his head close to the air conditioner vent, cold air tugging at the dog's ears.

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"El Camino" and My Journey From Journalism to Fiction

I had never been very good at writing fictional stories (a good thing for a journalist, I suppose), but I wanted to get better. So I took an idea that had been brewing in my head and ran with it over the course of about five weeks – finishing in late November with about 200 pages of fiction.

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A Short Fiction Project With a (Hopefully) Long Life

Writing fiction has come much harder to me than writing news articles and personal essays, but as I've sketched out characters, imagined their backstories, and steered them through conflicts, I've begun to realize the vast worlds that can be created with ink on the fibers of a blank white page.

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