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'Accomplices' Releases Today in Paperback & eBook

My first chapbook of poems, Accomplices, releases today on,, and Apple's iBookstore.

I know, I know. Chances are, poetry isn't your thing.

However, let me just say that the poems in this collection read a lot like personal essays (they are pretty straightforward) and touch on a range of topics, including faith and doubt, nature, depression, and creativity.

The fact is, I don't consider myself a poet. However, over the last fews years, since leaving journalism, I have dabbled in other forms of writing, including creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry. I've found that I just need to keep writing, if only as a hobby.

The poems in Accomplices emerged over the last year on bus rides, during sleepless nights, and early in the morning with my dog Zebby sleeping at my feet.

Out of about 25  poems, I chose 10 or so to include in this chapbook. Hopefully, you will find a couple that you like and feel that you know me a little better after reading them.

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Accomplices book cover