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Pears of My Youth: A Personal Essay

Let me ask you: Have you ever tasted a perfect pear? If you had, you would feel as tormented as I do – like Adam cast out of an Eden that haunts him in dreams and rumbles his stomach when he looks over the shoulder of the angel guarding the gate with a fiery sword, keeping him from the most perfect of places, the most delicious of fruits.

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'Accomplices' Releases Today in Paperback & eBook

If poetry isn't your thing, consider that the poems in my new chapbook, Accomplices, read a lot like personal essays and touch on a range of topics: faith, nature, depression, and creativity.

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Review Essay: Ben Lerner's 'The Hatred Of Poetry' And Our Reaching For The Divine

So what is the problem with poetry? Lerner argues that poetry is "hated" because it can never achieve that which it aspires to: namely, to "get beyond the human, the finite, the historical, and to reach the transcendent or divine," as Lerner said in an interview with The Believer magazine.

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Book Review: Lavie Tidhar’s ‘Central Station’ and the Faith of Robots, Cyborgs and Aliens

Lavie Tidhar’s Central Station, published in May, threads the needle between two approaches to science fiction storytelling. His novel is constructed as a character-focused mosaic with surprisingly intimate portrayals of humans, aliens, robots, cyborgs, and beings called Others, whose DNA makeups are nothing but code, 1s and 0s.

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