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Pears of My Youth: A Personal Essay

Let me ask you: Have you ever tasted a perfect pear? If you had, you would feel as tormented as I do – like Adam cast out of an Eden that haunts him in dreams and rumbles his stomach when he looks over the shoulder of the angel guarding the gate with a fiery sword, keeping him from the most perfect of places, the most delicious of fruits.

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'Accomplices' Releases Today in Paperback & eBook

If poetry isn't your thing, consider that the poems in my new chapbook, Accomplices, read a lot like personal essays and touch on a range of topics: faith, nature, depression, and creativity.

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Short Story Excerpt From 'Nothing Will Be Impossible'

Justin still wore the James Blake tour t-shirt and linen cargo shorts he'd put on more than 24 hours before. Dark synth soundscapes and buzzing guitars washed over him while his old Honda Pilot bounced along a back road. Z, as he sometimes called the dog, sat on the passenger seat beside him, keeping his head close to the air conditioner vent, cold air tugging at the dog's ears.

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