Multimedia Designer & Storyteller

A Short Fiction Project With a (Hopefully) Long Life

About two years ago, I started work on a series of short stories. Today, the first one finally gets to see the light of day.

The other stories are still in various states of disrepair, but I've set a goal for myself to publish (or self-publish) most of them by the end of 2016.

Writing fiction has come much harder to me than writing news articles and personal essays, but as I've sketched out characters, imagined their backstories, and steered them through conflicts, I've begun to realize the vast worlds that can be created with ink on the fibers of a blank white page.

By no means do I claim to have crafted such a vast world in this initial, rather simple, story about a migrant construction worker in Beijing.

But just as reading fiction helps to replenish my imagination, writing fiction, I've found, helps to replenish my soul. So I write for myself, to answer the quiet call to create -- all the while hoping that something in this story, or in the next one, sparks a thought or awakens your imagination. (If nothing else, maybe the stories will help you fall asleep.)

This short video teaser introduces the setting of the story, which you can buy for $0.99 on for your Kindle reader or the Kindle app. Click here to read a short excerpt.