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Pet Photography and the Power of the 'Stay' Command

My wife, Susan, and I recently brought home a puppy named Zebedee. (We call him Zebby). 

Four months in, we still have a lot to teach this little fella -- and a lot to learn ourselves. 

Since I'm spending a lot of time with Zebby, I've been trying to improve my pet photography skills. (Which is to say, start from scratch).

Sometimes I think he looks at me like I'm a member of the cute puppy paparazzi. I whip out my iPhone, hoping to capture that special moment, only to see him staring at me with one of those looks that celebrities cast on the red carpet. (I think it's called the "Resting Bitch Face").

But thanks to a little kibble and a "stay" command, Zebby will sometimes comply with the puppy paparazzi. And so I am able to share these few gems (IMHO) above.

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