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Political Cartoon: "The Great! Trumpini's Final Trick"

I want to close out this memorable -- though tiresome -- presidential campaign with one final political cartoon.

You may recall my imagining of Trump's first 3AM phone call. More recently, I drew a hand-written appeal note that was signed by the GOP's most infamous supporters (as well as some mainstream politicians who, during this cycle at least, have been in hiding). This final cartoon is presented as a short comic and features a Trumpian character I've dubbed The Great! Trumpini. 

I drew the cartoon in the iPhone Tayasui Sketches app and imported the various layers into Adobe PhotoShop, where I pieced together the final product.

No matter your politics, I hope The Great! Trumpini's Final Trick will put a smile on your face on the eve of Election Day.

Political cartoon by Charlie Shifflett

Political cartoon by Charlie Shifflett