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Formerly a reporter and editor in Beijing, China and Washington, D.C., Charlie now works as a communications consultant specializing in visual storytelling.

About Charlie

A native of Tallahassee, FL, Charlie somehow managed to wake up in Beijing, China shortly after graduating from university. The city of 18+ million became a second home to him, and it was there he cultivated the skills and passions that consume him today. A former journalist and editor, Charlie now writes copy and creates visual content for websites and online applications. He has worked for nonprofits, for the U.S. federal government as a contractor, and for global companies, including Siemens and Allianz, as a consultant. Charlie has a passion for visual storytelling and has published numerous short stories, essays and poems, including his latest, the chapbook Accomplices.

A Family Photo

Nowadays, you're most likely to encounter Charlie in some northern Virginia park, along with his wife Susan and their dog Zebby (Zebedee).

Charlie, Susan and Zebedee (2016)

Charlie, Susan and Zebedee (2016)

Recent Creative Work

Charlie updates this section every so often with samplings of new drawings, artwork and creative writing. The illustration below, Pomegranates in the Backyard, is part of a series of digital studies Charlie created based on a few photographs of his mother-in-law's pomegranate tree. 

Pomegranates in the Backyard, 2016, digital art

Pomegranates in the Backyard, 2016, digital art

The short story "Nothing Will Be Impossible" (2016) is about the miracle of the creative process -- how it can heal us, and, in some cases, save us. You can download it for a buck at e-bookstores everywhere!


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Below are a few of the books, bands, and video games Charlie has been into lately.



Six Four book cover

Six Four (fiction, translated), by Hideo Yokoyama


The Ahmad Jamal Trio's The Awakening (jazz piano)

Video Games

Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch